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What about weeds?

Caring for a native landscape takes a different mindset than caring for a turf lawn. The good news is that a little up front effort goes a long way to

create a low-maintenance landscape.

Native Landscape Maintenance Tips

Right Plant, Right Place

Selecting the most suitable plant for your location is the first step toward a successful native landscape. Know the dynamics of the sun, soil, and elevation of your site. 

To get started, try out a Waterwise Landscape  Planting Design.

Dense Planting

Use small ground cover plugs planted tightly together to create a dense mat to crowd out unwanted weed. Grass seed sown in between plugs also creates a matrix that helps eliminate unwanted weed germination.

Mulch like you mean it!

A thick layer (3" deep min) of wood bark mulch or pea gravel provides an excellent weed barrier, and allows for easier hand extraction of weeds that do get through. 

Be aware that using weed fabric is a barrier  to soil fertility (and doesn't work!) 

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